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【IPPODO一保堂 Series】A Closer Look at Japanese Green Teas - Matcha & Gyokuro

For those with a basic knowledge of Japanese green teas or those who have attended our Introduction Workshop, these in-depth classes are an insight into the special qualities of four premium Japanese green teas - matcha and gyokuro; sencha and bancha. For example, matcha is something we come across often in Hong Kong, adorning desserts or drinks in hipster cafes. Yet how are they traditionally consumed and properly prepared?


Our hosts from IPPODO will provide answers to these questions and offer live demonstrations in making and tasting these teas. Students will also be able to experience hands-on the art of preparing such fine teas while Japanese tea-inspired pastries created by teakha will be served at the end of each class.

Session: Matcha and Gyokuro

4th November (Sunday) | 11am-12:30pm | English | $850 | 10 pax

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