PLANTATION by teakha

About Us


You see the world through a cup of tea...

PLANTATION by teakha is a craft tea company with a mission to share the wisdom and heritage of tea-drinking through friendly, modern & beautiful means.

Featuring tea-dye colours inspired by Chinese ink paintings in our packaging, we have packed our unique plum blossom canisters with a range of quality rare teas & tisanes curated by the same team behind your beloved teakha. Through the use of simple guidelines and modern designed vessels inspired by our Chinese heritage, we at PLANTATION hope to make the art of tea appreciation part of our every day life again.



We do not stick to one type of tea. Our specialty is simple – “teas that we love”, and we choose only the teas that excite us and remind us of why we fell in love with tea in the first place. They can come in all shapes and colours, but always sourced carefully from small plantations around the world which are as devoted to quality as we are.

Let us tell you stories behind some of our teas...

Our Red Jade with Bergamot Peel is a delicate black tea with a concentrated sweetness and the depth of baked fruit. It is the true form of Earl Grey, infused with fresh bergamot peel. Citrusy and rich, this tea is original to Taiwan and best enjoyed on its own. We have our High Mountain Oolong sourced from a small family run tea grower in the high elevations of Alishan, Taiwan at 1680 meters. Produced in small batches and processed entirely by hand, it is round, full-bodied, yet light and floral. You also can't miss our famous Masala Chai, made from the quality Assam tea from the lowlands of Khongea Estate. It is infused with a rare Keralan spice of cinnamon, cardamom, aniseed, cloves, black pepper and rose petals. Praised frequently to be the best Chai in Hong Kong! 



We believe that the vessel in which tea is served is equally as important as the tea itself. Whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, we have curated a selection of teawares to help you better appreciate this versatile liquor.